1 month beginner course

1 Month Beginner Course

$ 450.00

Product Description

The 1 month Beginner Course is a course which features 8 lessons that covers different routines consisting of cards, coins, rubber bands, mentalism, metal bending, etc.

With this course, you will not only understand the fundamental and effective basic tricks in Magic. There will be 1 revision session and at the end of the course, there will be a performance session. This is where the student will be accessed based on his tricks, showmanship and presentation.

Upon completion of the course and passing of the Final Performance, the student will be awarded with a certificate of participation.



1.  1 instructor is to 1 student

2.  30 to 35 min per session

3.  8 sessions ( including 1 Revision session) + 1 Final Performance

* Student has an option to compress the 8 sessions to 4 sessions for the beginner course.
* Student must complete the course within 30 days.


You will receive:

1. Certificate of Participation (after Final Performance)

2. Qualification to take the intermediate course

3.  Magic Castle Lifetime Membership – Here at Magic Castle, we excel to provide only the best. All of our faithful and loyal customers are members of Magic Castle. (Worth $65.00 FREE)

4. Beginner Magic Course Notes. These notes will definitely assist you in your revision of the tricks that you are taught by our in-house personnels.(Worth $49.90 FREE)

5. Member prices for all of our products. The amount of discount a member enjoys up to S$350 off regular price! And this benefit is surely befitting for our valuable members. (Priceless)

6. In-depth performance tips and pointers provided by our experienced instructors on how to fine-tune your magic for maximum effectiveness.

7. Continuous feedback at start of every session to ensure that the student understands and be able to apply what is being taught. (Worth $240 FREE)